Living to Serve Him

In 1996 God called Phil & Julie Oldfield to the town of Wyong to start a church.  It was a leap of faith in every sense of the phrase. Through prayer and passion to see souls saved and lives transformed, the calling of starting a church in the heart of Wyong began.

Now more than 20 years later, Pastor Phil & Julie Oldfield continue to minister just over the river in Tuggerah on the Central Coast NSW, and their passion for Jesus is more ablaze than ever before. They achieved this amazing feat of 20+ years in ministry, and staying on fire for God, through staying completely IN HIM in all areas of their lives, whether personal or through their ministry.

Pastors Phil & Julie have 4 beautiful girls, all of whom grew up in a God-loving, Christian home. Today, their eldest daughter Jillie, her husband Andrew, and their 4 children all attend C3 Church Tuggerah. Jessica and her husband Evan are also involved in C3 Tuggerah, along with their little boy Moses and daughter Remo, with Jess having a passion for hospitality and seeing people connect. Jaime, alongside husband Garth, started a C3 Church in Nairobi, Kenya in 2015. They are currently Senior Pastors at C3 People in Newcastle, and have a daughter Elsy. And youngest daughter Jemma is studying and is involved in the childrens ministry of C3 Tuggerah.

Phil & Julie Oldfield are down-to-earth, genuine and real people. They would love to meet you! Come and VISIT and say hello.