C3 Kids is the childrens ministry of C3 Church Tuggerah.

During our Sunday morning services, we offer two exciting programs totally geared for kids. There is a C3 Toddlers program held in the toddlers room at the back of the main auditorium for kids aged 1-3 years.  For kids aged 4-12 years, a C3 Kids program is held in the Elevation room .

C3 Toddlers and C3 Kids in context of the broader church family is all about enabling parents to experience an encounter with God without the distraction of distracted kids, releasing parents to be part of our church ministry teams and allowing parents and older siblings to be blessed by the innocent revelation and sometimes surprising power of a child’s understanding of God.

TODDLERS TEAM:  The focus for the toddlers team is that each and every toddler is nurtured, loved, and get to learn the basics about God through bible stories, crafts and games, as well as getting to experience God through worship.

C3 KIDS:  The focus of the C3 Kids team is to provide a vibrant, exciting and impacting ministry. To do this we present them with a program that is similar to an adult service in format containing praise, worship, giving messaged as well as sermons, with the addition of fun age appropriate activities such as connect groups, games, team challenges and craft. The purpose of this is two fold; they get to experience a true church service allowing an easier transition from c3 Kids into c3 Youth, as well as to empower them by teaching them about God, His word, His love and how He sees them. This is to enable each child to grow spiritually, identify their God given gifts and hopefully inspire them to bless the world around them.

Please note – all of our C3 kids team have working with children checks.

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